Step 1

Assumption: You have taken either Distributive or VILT courses and have made a payment for your Continuing Education hours.

  1. Login
  2. Click on “Your Progress” under your “Profile” in the navigation menu
  3. Click on “Prepare CAPCE Report” 
Prepare CAPCE Report

Step 2

All of your eligible courses will be displayed. This process uploads each course to the CAPCE database so they may be imported to NREMT

  1. Click on “Submit” at the bottom of the page.
  2. Be patient while each course uploads to CAPCE. You will see a progress bar and “complete” checkmark for each course.

Step 3

Once your transcripts are loaded up to CAPCE, go to and login

Step 4

In the dropdown box for – Select a Role – choose My Certification.

Step 5

Click on “Add courses to your Transcript.”

Add Courses to your Transcript

Step 7

Click on “Import CAPCE Courses” to open a new window

Import CAPCE Courses

Step 8

In the new window, ALL of the VILT and Distributive courses that you uploaded to CAPCE will be visible.

  1. Click the box next to each of the courses
  2. Click on “Import My Courses”

The NREMT site provides a “progress bar” that displays if you’ve met the requirements for Recertification. 

Import CAPCE courses to NREMT

If you are missing CEs, determine which VILT or Distributive courses you require, complete them, and repeat the process to report to CAPCE and NREMT.

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